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New Bride Speech Ideas for 2015

When it comes to your own wedding, as a bride you feel proud. It’s not the selfish pride – it’s all another feeling, a deeper level, which pours out to others: glimpses of inner happiness. From those inner sources that abundantly begin to shine upon the approach of the wedding day, you will get butterflies in your stomach, and hundreds of questions and ideas will race through your mind. Download 25 Bride Wedding Speech Examples from HERE

For a bride speech, you need to know how to approach things. You can be and you should be open-minded to a conversational style. Engaging the guests by letting them hear the words of your heart is the best way known to handle a wedding speech.

You need to know your role. It’s your day: you need to shine. The bride speech is mostly about you, but includes others too. Yes, it’s about your husband, the maids of honor and the best man too. No, you don’t have to tell a story about them, probably only about the way you met your husband and felt that divine spark telling you: this is the right man ’till dead separates us. Differently than other speakers, you will not have the same approach. All other speakers will talk about how you two met and tell their points of view. Still, after listening to a few of them, you can have a resume of what you want to say, your own perspective, your own heart’s feelings. Yes, normally they have also shared real feelings on your behalf – because they know you – but nobody could know the entire picture.

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The introduction for a bride wedding speech is not like introducing who you are. If someone doesn’t know you, the bride, then it’s their mistake and problem. You can greet your guests by any formula you feel appropriate, but remember that your wedding still has formality and must reflect your personality as an individual, but also as a couple. As soon as you learn that and show that, it’s all going to change into something better. More

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Bride Wedding Speech – a Golden Moment at my Wedding

My wedding plans started from the 30th of August, 2013 when Drake (my husband) and I decided to get together. I had so much in mind, starting from the shopping of my wedding dress to the ordering of flowers and choosing the venue. It was a tight schedule. But I knew after the wedding that I had to give the bride wedding speech. So I started preparing it almost before a month of my wedding. I am not much of a public speaker, but it was my day and I wanted to savour it all. Couples usually stand together and speak, but Drake gave me the full liberty to speak individually. Click Here for 25 Bride Speech Examples

I remember I had taken a fresh paper and sat down in my balcony and thought of what I am right now, the happiness that has been endowed on me, the charity and the hard work of all those to help me nurture and grow up in to a sensible young woman. I did not know whom I should not mention. Practically, everyone played a role in felicitating my nature. I did not want to make it too long. I did not grab the emotions while writing the wedding speech. But when the time came for me to deliver the Bride Wedding Speech, I was so consumed in emotions. The wedding has been so awesome and everyone helped me so much.

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My vision of the Bride Wedding Speech

“Hello everyone, I am Donna.

I really am in loss for words. I shall always be indebted to you for the love that you have showered upon me and made this day such a momentous one. Drake, you are not just my best friend but my husband and soul mate. The consistency that your love has held for the past three years overwhelms me. I am so happy that I met a person like you, who loved me more than just a lover. You played the role of a guider and a good friend when the situations called for it. The love and respect that you catered for my family was really touching. More

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Bride Wedding Speech in 2014

bride wedding speechesThe bride is one of the ‘special’ feeling people on the wedding. It is after all her day to celebrate and rejoice. On such an occasion, it is difficult to say anything in particular since the bride is already consumed in euphoria and rapture. Being the bride, it is important that what you say must be short and precise and relate to your thanksgiving to the guests, the family, the friends and especially your husband.

The bride wedding speech should be simple and interesting. Be careful of what you say because there are many people listening. You have to speak in front of the entire family of your husband of which you are now going to be a part of.

The words that you say matter a lot. So choose your words cautiously and skilfully. You want to make a long lasting impression on everyone.

Tips for preparing the Bride Wedding Speech

As per tradition, the bride gets to deliver the bride wedding speech after the father has spoken. The Bspeech should highlight the feeling that a daughter has for the family which brought her up and the family which is going to be hers from hence forth.

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  • Firstly make sure you start the rehearsal at least a month before the wedding day because you need to master the art of speaking in front of the public. Write down (on a piece of paper) the feelings that dwell in your heart in general.
  • Throw light on the mood of the occasion and that fills you with aura and sweet pleasure. Let your guests know how thankful and grateful you are to them for being there. Thank your parents and the groom’s parents for helping them with the wedding plans and shopping and making this day possible for you and your husband. This is why you can cherish this amazing day. More
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Examples Of Bride Speeches

Examples of bride speeches are unfortunately something I did not make use of until the last moment. However even if you find yourself in the same situation as I was – I would wholeheartedly suggest these as a way to prevent writers block and to ensure that on your big day you do everything right.

Using Examples And Still Making It Unique

The wonderful thing is that a lot of examples are designed so that you just fill in the blanks and still the bride wedding speech comes out completely unique.

Normally it works by giving a layout example and setup and also prompts you on what to say on things including:

  • The people you ought to thank
  • If there are any stories you can talk about More
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