New Bride Speech Ideas for 2015

When it comes to your own wedding, as a bride you feel proud. It’s not the selfish pride – it’s all another feeling, a deeper level, which pours out to others: glimpses of inner happiness. From those inner sources that abundantly begin to shine upon the approach of the wedding day, you will get butterflies in your stomach, and hundreds of questions and ideas will race through your mind. Download 25 Bride Wedding Speech Examples from HERE

For a bride speech, you need to know how to approach things. You can be and you should be open-minded to a conversational style. Engaging the guests by letting them hear the words of your heart is the best way known to handle a wedding speech.

You need to know your role. It’s your day: you need to shine. The bride speech is mostly about you, but includes others too. Yes, it’s about your husband, the maids of honor and the best man too. No, you don’t have to tell a story about them, probably only about the way you met your husband and felt that divine spark telling you: this is the right man ’till dead separates us. Differently than other speakers, you will not have the same approach. All other speakers will talk about how you two met and tell their points of view. Still, after listening to a few of them, you can have a resume of what you want to say, your own perspective, your own heart’s feelings. Yes, normally they have also shared real feelings on your behalf – because they know you – but nobody could know the entire picture.

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The introduction for a bride wedding speech is not like introducing who you are. If someone doesn’t know you, the bride, then it’s their mistake and problem. You can greet your guests by any formula you feel appropriate, but remember that your wedding still has formality and must reflect your personality as an individual, but also as a couple. As soon as you learn that and show that, it’s all going to change into something better.

You should then focus on your relationship with your husband. This is not like sharing every single detail you ever remember (I am sure you could write a romantic book about that), but the highlights. Still, you should elevate how this man, the chosen one of your heart is ready to help you, to understand and support your personality and decisions, as well as why you fell in love with him. Feeling in love is unique, and you surely know that, especially when it got another meaning: the moment you said “yes” in front of the priest and the people. That was the moment it all began to be more real than ever. Tell your guests about those moments as well. They surely are looking forward to hear why and how you two wanted to be together. More Speech Samples

If you had difficulties, which I am sure every couple had, you can share the ways you both find to overcome. People love winners, and every couple who ever gets to be married are winners – they won the battles of life, the arguments, the contradictions and the people who tried to say “you should never marry” out of envy or pride (ex girl- and boyfriends). So, your guests will be excited to hear your story, your uniqueness as to how you faced oppositions as a couple and how you both learned to stand beside each other to get past hard moments.

Then you should definitely mention how other people helped you. I am sure that most of the help was provided by the two families that are now joined to be a big family, and also by the people around you who were your best friends and your husband’s best friends. These people all need to hear that their parts were greatly appreciated, so that they will know it was worth putting efforts into your wedding. The details, when you are there seem very simple. Still, whoever married someone knows how difficult it can become to arrange everything within time and budget. That’s always quite some challenge and not too many people can face these challenges easily. They try to overcome, but many times it is these details that cause people to freak out for a few minutes or hours.

It is also ideal to say it out loudly: how both families have joined and accepted each other, including you and your husband. It’s not always a 2-day process, but there is always a way and a bit of time when the two families will start loving each other, meeting with each other and supporting each other in all and any difficulties whatsoever.

Everyone is also interested about where your wedding dress is coming from. Who suggested it to you? Why did you choose this exact model? People are always curious, and they effectively came to the wedding either for both your sakes, or for your husband, or for you. It’s never something like “oh, I don’t know them, but I came to rejoice with a few friends of mine”. You never attend a wedding without a good purpose of why you are there. If you share a few thoughts about your dress, guests will be interested to hear.

The most focus, however, must be put on your love story. If it started in high school, you should definitely highlight that. If it started after college, that’s not a problem either. You surely had an interesting meeting with your husband, and probably didn’t even imagine that you are dating your husband-to-be – at least not in the first days or weeks.

The moment of the engagement is of importance as well. People who came, they surely know about the engagement. The only exception is if you were engaged for a week or two only, and then married quickly. Then they probably have no idea you were engaged. So then, it’s even better to share the story as an update for everyone. Guests will surely be all-eyes when they hear about these stories. Tell them how you felt, how your husband surprised you. If it was a romantic dinner and he danced with you, tell people how amazing that was. You can openly discuss about your feelings without sharing intimate details. It’s always good to have these things as parts of the bride speech.

Did you have any special friends who gave you the most valuable advices? Maybe another couple who was married since a few years and had experience? Tell them how you appreciate every piece of advice and every time they spent their free time to discuss important matters with you, in order to help with any difficulties you were facing at the moment. They need to hear in public that you appreciate their assistance and efforts, it’s always like a special reward to hear such pleasant words in front of others. It is also a nice remark coming from you. The same way, your parents deserve to hear that you appreciate the tremendous efforts they had invested in this wedding. Maybe it was financially, maybe it was both money and time – no matter what it was, they must hear you appreciate it and are thankful together with your husband.

These are the basic ideas you will need as a guidance for writing your bride speech. Of course, your own personality and your own ideas are also great. After all, it’s your wedding and if you feel that the above ideas need change or that you want to approach things differently, that is completely fine. What matters is that you feel okay with your speech and that you please special guests’ expectations. These guests can be your aunts, grandmas – almost anyone who has a difficult personality in a way or another.

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