Ideas for a Great Bride Speech

If you have an upcoming wedding, it’s like impossible to not think about your bride speech. Yes, I know that there are your family members who need to give out their speeches, but still the bride’s part is something special, something necessary and unique.

First of all, you can’t just copy your mom’s speech ideas and you can’t ask for the maid of honor to write your speech. If you truly want a great one, you should be able to do it yourself. But then you find it confusing a bit, because you have no idea what to do exactly. Or maybe you have some ideas, still you are unsure how to apply them or whether they are right or wrong.

Avoid freaking out

Sincerely, there will be a lot of moments before the actual wedding during which you will feel like freaking out or like you’d freak out soon enough. On other occasions, you will lose control due to something too exaggerated, stressful or whatnot. While the things going on are very important and you can’t be the ignorant wife-to-be, stress won’t help. Here you Have 25 Bride Wedding Speech Examples

So, the first idea that will always help is staying in a calm state of mind. Before all else, the calmness of your heart will help you see clearly and by seeing clearly you will know exactly what you need to do, step by step, without any further difficulties. Then, you will also be able to help your husband and make things happen together, in harmony.

From these experiences, on the way to the wedding preparations, shopping, organizing and many others, you will have some stories to strengthen your relationship with him. By these you will know some more things, because after all the bride wedding speech is mostly about how you feel with your husband and how your relationship is. Secondly, in an obvious enough way, you will also need to link your speech text to family members because your guests will have to know how things are going – and they are going great, even if you don’t admit it yet or even if you didn’t notice.

Don’t look at mishaps and bad things

Frankly, there are no wedding preparations to go perfectly. Also, there is no perfect husband or perfect wife and there are no perfect bride’s speeches. You need to start changing the way you think about what is going on around, admitting that there’s more beauty in stuff than perfection (which is not real, it’s a dream or a high expectation). By building up high expectations you end up stressed, disappointed or frustrated while by being realistic you can enjoy all of what is going on, every single moment of it.

Maybe there are times when the organizing you went through didn’t go okay and you had things go wrong or not exactly as you intended. While I know it’s sometimes hard or disturbing, you need to take your mind from these things. Why so important to not think about such details? Because if you start thinking about them and you get stuck in it for too long, you will only find yourself talking about bad things during the bride speech – and that wouldn’t be fine at all.

Also, there are occasion on which your husband did something wrong. It might happen that he lost control for a moment or two, or maybe he didn’t know how to react under pressure with some of the things that were happening around him. So, in those cases, it’s better to try understanding him, to try and see why he did what he did and then react cool, normally. Let’s face it: if you don’t start arguing and demonstrating that you’re right, an unnecessary bit of fight is avoided. Why not avoid it and only argue when it’s important?

Within the bride wedding speech, you need to tell some stories and talk about your husband and what feelings you have for him. This is the essence of your speech (although your speech has other parts too) and you need to understand that the language you will try to speak with (like relaxed, stressed, full of emotions, etc.) will be understood and manifested. So, naturally understandable, if you have the wrong thoughts, emotions or whatever inside – then you can’t have a great speech!

Lose all unnecessary time-takers

If you have things that simply take too much of your time – lose them. I mean, you don’t need to do those things. That doesn’t mean you are condemned or punished, it doesn’t mean you won’t get to enjoy the same stuff sometime later. Still, it does mean that for now and probably for a little while, you need to say “no” to such areas of your life.

Some good examples can be reading books and magazines when the preparations are in progress and heavily in progress. Just if you put your book aside for the next few weeks or months doesn’t mean you won’t read it again. It simply means that you turned out to be responsible and you want to acknowledge the importance of today and tomorrow, and be there every time you are needed.

Then, upon trying to write your bride wedding speech, you might find yourself wondering. You may be like “what can I speak to make it sound good enough”? Or you can go like “isn’t this sentence too stupid”? Then, what actually happens, is that you lose a lot of time. And I mean it: a lot of it. This is a time-taker that often comes around and still many brides don’t even notice it came. So, how to avoid it? If you have any ideas, stop arguing with yourself and stop questioning the real quality of those ideas – just write them down for later use and that’s it. Later on, you might simply realize that you wrote something amazing or that you were wrong – in either way, you are a winner of the situation because you have advanced and you are many steps closer to being done with the entire speech.

Have more girls’ time

You see, many brides-to-be make a similar mistake: they don’t allocate any more time to meet with their girlfriends. So, obviously, the girls will say “oh, relax, it’s okay” or “the wedding is far more important” or “I understand, dear” but the reality is not exactly that. In fact, what actually happens is that after you say no 2-3-4 times, the girls will probably stop inviting you. That is the first sign from which you can know they don’t necessarily consider you to be as close to them as you once were before.

Then, again, it’s far better if you can have some girls’ time. It’s not because of the time or money you invest, but because you can feel more relaxed. Furthermore, you will have new ideas from them, you will know how to speak and what to say versus what not to say.

Watch dozens of wedding speech videos

I mean, let’s face it, what is simpler than this? You go to YouTube or any other video streaming service and you begin watching wedding speech videos of all types. They don’t necessarily have to be with bride speeches – any kind of wedding speech will do great. You will learn how to speak, how to use a body position and much more than that. Also, the specific language of the wedding speeches will be easier for you to understand after watching those videos!

Write a list of the good things you have with your chosen one

Now you’re before the wedding and you need to think about the speech as well. An easier way to go for it is by writing a simple list of things that you consider to be good things, like his personality, what he did for you and much more. You should be honest with yourself – you are not exposing this list in the local newspaper and you’re not sharing it with anyone else yet, you are simply setting it up for yourself to see and to notice.

As soon as the list is done, you can check it point by point and make sure you select the things you intend to speak about. Yes, there might be more to choose from than there is time to speak at your wedding, but that’s even better because you don’t have face a lack of ideas. How you are going to phrase these things within the speech? That is up to you and those will be your words – just choose wisely.

Think about the moment of the decision

You should consider the moment of your decision to get married – the time when you finally decided it’s time to do it. What determined you? Obviously, your love towards him and his personality made you say “yes”. People will be interested in your story because they are looking forward to find out the details of your love story. You don’t need to share more details than it’s relevant, because you can’t just expose all of your private life. Still, it’s important to share details such as when he proposed, how he proposed and things like that.

Use the right bride’s speech structure

Always make sure that you are using the right structure with the bride speech. Don’t miss the introduction, because you need to tell people how honored you feel as a couple to have them all there, coming from various parts of the country (or world) to join you and celebrate.

Then, you begin to talk about the groom and all the things you have and had together. Optionally, if you feel it’s not too personal, you can also share some of the future plans (such as having kids, moving to another city, etc.). This part is not mandatory – some brides talk about it and others don’t. You need to talk about the love story, the proposal and some important moments in your relationship. Those are things of interest for everyone, for every guest who came.

Towards the end, you can propose a toast if you wish, but make sure you talk as “we” or “us”, because you are also showing everyone how you are now a couple!

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