Funny Bride Wedding Speech

Being funny is one of the most important elements to have in your wedding speeches. Not all of it needs to be funny, but funny bride speeches are a huge crowd-pleaser, as long as they do not offend anybody and can still be poignant. See Here More Bride Speech Examples

Although I wanted my speech to be funny, I still had it on my mind that it had to be considerate of other people. The mother of the groom had her own speech, so I wanted to thank her for that and to not tread on her toes and insult her or her son! Who knows how any of those kind of jokes would have went down!

What’s The Secret To A Good Speech With Humour?

In my own wedding speech I used humour to help me make sure that everybody kept on listening properly. I did it at different periods as a means for grabbing attention.

From my experience this tactic works best when throw in some good jokes with your regular speech. Try to say some emotional things and then add some humour to keep all the people there focused and relaxed. I was quite emotional and nervous, so it also helped me quite a lot as well as my audience!

A further great funny bride speeches tip I learned is to interact with your audience and be informal. It is not a lecture, it’s a toast! The bride ought to feel like she is just talking with old friends, which will be largely the case anyway.

Try making eye contact with your audience, and do not constantly stare in one direction. Practicing with my friends really helped me improve the technique before my wedding day.

For funny bride speeches these tips will guide you in the right direction to begin with. To get even better ideas, try to use some examples of wedding speeches.

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