Bride Wedding Speech Tips

It is very important for every bride to have a good grasp of their bride wedding speech contents. To know what to include in your bride speech, you must learn about the typical structure of wedding speeches, as well as on the particular elements of the speech. Click Here for 25 Speech Samples
The best tip I can give you is that you must always take care to prepare your speech in time. Preparing a wedding speech doesn’t mean that you browse on the internet, select a speech you enjoy, change the name of the bride and groom within that speech and then learn it like a poem. The essence, the main concern is that you must have your own creative and original ideas for a great bride wedding speech. How can you know what things to mention and what not to mention? Basically, wedding speeches are similar. However, there are numerous differences as far as the content is concerned.

bride wedding speech

Preparing the bride speech is a time consuming thing to do, so you will definitely need more than a week to be well-prepared and up to the speech. First of all, you could write some notes, referring to things you would say by your heart, during your bride wedding speech. After that, you should be selective with your own notes, making sure to only keep the ones that are valuable and filled with thoughts and ideas on what should be told. As a reference, you can check in books and on blogs, because there are plenty of bride wedding speech examples available. Never copy any of those, but they are all good sources of inspiration and special ideas. If you have girlfriends who recently got married, ask them. They would definitely share some good tips and ideas on what to say.

Then you need to focus on practicing your speech. You should be able to practice at home, with the help of a large mirror. This is how you will be able to see yourself and get a picture of how you would appear during your bride wedding speech. Some speakers, or most of them, get confused when they realize that they don’t know what to do with their hands during the speech. Holding a glass of wine, a flower or some other object will definitely help you. You can also study the elements of speech body language, to find out how a professional has to look like while giving a speech. But then try to make sure that you don’t learn the body language techniques of politicians or lecturers. Those are different things and different techniques targeting a different type of listeners. However, you can make sure to adjust the body language to the meaning and message of your bride speech, to make it all a lot more effective.

After the introduction of your bride wedding speech, the essence of the speech is continued. The introduction is only a formal wedding speech introduction to greet the guests and to introduce your speech. Most of the brides choose to speak about their stories of how they met their husbands. You would ideally approach the main topic in a gradual way, making sure that you follow a specific timeline and don’t talk about events in a random order. For instance, you could mention the story of meeting your husband and then you can talk about your great experiences together and funny stories if there are any.

You can’t miss thanking the people who helped you. With every wedding, there are great people to help, physically or financially or both. These people deserve all of the appreciation and you must mention them during your bride wedding speech.

In the end, you should close the speech with a toast proposal!


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