Bride Wedding Speech in 2014

bride wedding speechesThe bride is one of the ‘special’ feeling people on the wedding. It is after all her day to celebrate and rejoice. On such an occasion, it is difficult to say anything in particular since the bride is already consumed in euphoria and rapture. Being the bride, it is important that what you say must be short and precise and relate to your thanksgiving to the guests, the family, the friends and especially your husband.

The bride wedding speech should be simple and interesting. Be careful of what you say because there are many people listening. You have to speak in front of the entire family of your husband of which you are now going to be a part of.

The words that you say matter a lot. So choose your words cautiously and skilfully. You want to make a long lasting impression on everyone.

Tips for preparing the Bride Wedding Speech

As per tradition, the bride gets to deliver the bride wedding speech after the father has spoken. The Bspeech should highlight the feeling that a daughter has for the family which brought her up and the family which is going to be hers from hence forth.

bride speech
  • Firstly make sure you start the rehearsal at least a month before the wedding day because you need to master the art of speaking in front of the public. Write down (on a piece of paper) the feelings that dwell in your heart in general.
  • Throw light on the mood of the occasion and that fills you with aura and sweet pleasure. Let your guests know how thankful and grateful you are to them for being there. Thank your parents and the groom’s parents for helping them with the wedding plans and shopping and making this day possible for you and your husband. This is why you can cherish this amazing day.
  • Tell them the story behind you two getting together and making this decision of marriage a success. Remember to keep your speech short and alluring. You do not want the guest to get bored with the bride wedding speech and not be attentive. Usually, the speech can last for about three to four minutes. You can make it interacting and funny. Humour is an essential element required to keep up the expectations of the audience.
  • You should not refer to any unpleasant or unnecessary incidents from the past which can cause discomfort to any family member. Keep it jolly and let people relish the mood of the party.
  • It is advised that you learn the bride wedding speech word for word. In case you are not good at learning the speech words for word, you can keep a paper with you in case you forget the words, so that you can look at it and speak. Make sure you raise your head often while speaking because reading directly from the paper erases the emotions that can inspire the audience.
  • Rehearse the speech on and off. Make sure you are confident with what you are about to deliver on the wedding day. Do not fumble or stammer. That reflects that you are unprepared and not ready with the circumstances. When you speak, look up and relax yourself. You should neither be still and nor too shaky while you are delivering the speech. Be confident. You have nothing to be scared of. You are not as to give a parliamentary speech. You are only sharing your good feelings and emotions with the people. Make sure that your words reach out to the audience and fill them up with awe and enigmatic jubilation.
  • Escalate the standard of your speech by putting in suitable quotes, which can be both inspiring and motivational.
  • Make your groom feel delighted to have you as his bride. Heighten his feeling of pride that he has chosen you to be his life partner.

Practice makes all of us perfect

It does not matter how neatly you have written the speech or what complex words you have used in your speech. What really matters is your presentation on the final day. You must keep practicing the bride speech, whenever you get free time. Do not leave it for the last moment preparation, since you will become nervous and the speech can end up in a disaster. Once you get involved in the preparation of the wedding, it is very difficult to scoop out time for yourself and prepare your speech.

Be cool and Confident on the final Day

Putting on the perfect wedding dress, walking down the aisle, kissing your groom with all the love abounding inside you glorifies your day. The day is packed with lots of joy and fun for you. The father of the bride speech is usually packed with emotion and the bride wedding speech can be lie a thanksgiving to your father for bringing you up and catering to all your needs. Make sure that you are comfortable in your wedding dress and just simply speak out your heart. You have to just stand and face the guest and speak out your heart.

The bride speech is a once in a life time opportunity to express and extend your gratitude towards all those who have helped you live such a colourful life. Thank God for blessing you with the Man of your life and express your passionate love for him. He is the person with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life. Express your feelings and the similarities of the groom with your father. After all, you grew up holding the hand of your father and now he is satisfyingly and willingly devoting you unto the responsibility of your husband.

Make the bride wedding speech a very memorable one. Enunciate the originality and do not try to make it flamboyant by using big words. The wedding speech must seep deep into the hearts of the listeners, and they should be motivated and inspired by the integrity of the speech. It is not difficult at all, just take a deep breath and ruminate of all the precious times you have had.


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