Bride Wedding Speech – a Golden Moment at my Wedding

My wedding plans started from the 30th of August, 2013 when Drake (my husband) and I decided to get together. I had so much in mind, starting from the shopping of my wedding dress to the ordering of flowers and choosing the venue. It was a tight schedule. But I knew after the wedding that I had to give the bride wedding speech. So I started preparing it almost before a month of my wedding. I am not much of a public speaker, but it was my day and I wanted to savour it all. Couples usually stand together and speak, but Drake gave me the full liberty to speak individually. Click Here for 25 Bride Speech Examples

I remember I had taken a fresh paper and sat down in my balcony and thought of what I am right now, the happiness that has been endowed on me, the charity and the hard work of all those to help me nurture and grow up in to a sensible young woman. I did not know whom I should not mention. Practically, everyone played a role in felicitating my nature. I did not want to make it too long. I did not grab the emotions while writing the wedding speech. But when the time came for me to deliver the Bride Wedding Speech, I was so consumed in emotions. The wedding has been so awesome and everyone helped me so much.

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My vision of the Bride Wedding Speech

“Hello everyone, I am Donna.

I really am in loss for words. I shall always be indebted to you for the love that you have showered upon me and made this day such a momentous one. Drake, you are not just my best friend but my husband and soul mate. The consistency that your love has held for the past three years overwhelms me. I am so happy that I met a person like you, who loved me more than just a lover. You played the role of a guider and a good friend when the situations called for it. The love and respect that you catered for my family was really touching.

Mom and dad, I know you are really happy with Drake. Seeing him being so close to you for the past six months gave me the full confidence to make the decision to be with him forever. Dad, you made me so happy the day you told me Drake is such a wonderful son. Mom, I felt really moved and touched when you invited Drake over dinner and made the most special dish of all time, Lobsters Rolls. Drake had been asking me to make that ever since. But it seriously does not turn out to be as delicious as yours.

Drake’s parents have been wonderful to me ever since Drake introduced us. Last New Year was an amazing day I had with his parents. I felt I have known them for a long time and the love they sprinkled on me was spellbinding. Drake’s sister, Rosy, is an amazing friend and a sister. I think I have found my ‘Best Friend Forever’ in her.

I remember Drake suddenly had to go to solve some issues and had to be out of town for almost a week. Rosy and I used to chat over the phone all night long and we went for some crazy shopping. It was a wonderful ‘Girl’s Time’ that we had. My brother, Dave, also found his friend in Drake. The two boys had a wonderful football game that day, right? I know Dave came running to me and thanked me for being with such a genuine man for Drake had given Dave a photo camera which he always wanted to have. Dave always wanted a big brother and now he is so happy that he has one.

I thank all my friends for joining in the celebration. Your love and support is also a big reason for us being together peacefully and without any trouble. I thank the staff for making this day a lovely one. Your management was outstanding. This day will always be a treasure for me. Every second was thrilling and touching. As I am about to begin a new journey of life with the help and support of my soul mate and the man of my life, I pray that God might keep us protected and blessed throughout. I thank both my and Drake’s parents for being a part of this auspicious day and I really love you so much Drake!”

With this I ended and I remember that Rosy and Dave had a big smile spread across their faces. Drake looked at me with the most beautiful smile. Both my parents and Drake’s parent applauded and nodded their heads blissfully towards me. The staff and the guests cheered out aloud. The Bride Wedding Speech does not need any complex words or vintage quotes to make it worth the occasion. The bride speech needs to be simple and said truly from the heart. I mentioned about the few encounters which made Drake a special and a wanted member in my family. I have also mentioned about the times I have spent with his family. The Bride Wedding Speech is a once in a life time opportunity to illustrate the soft feelings overflowing in my heart for those who have given me so much love. I take great pride in having said the Bride Wedding Speech.

It will always be a cherished memory. I spoke after my father had delivered his father of the bride speech. The Bride Wedding Speech still makes Drake happy and elated. It is perhaps the power of the Bride Wedding Speech which keeps Drake and Dave connected to each other so fondly. It is perhaps the power of the Bride Wedding Speech that Rosy can trust me with her confidentiality. It is perhaps the power of the Bride Wedding Speech that my parents and Drake’s parents spent so much time with each other, sharing their words and delicacies.

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