Bride Toast

Forgetting to say thank you to somebody, when it comes to trying to please everyone at your wedding is one thing, however saying the inappropriate thing altogether in bride toasts would be a complete catastrophe! My desire to prevent this, thankfully lead me to finding some helpful tips so you too could avert this awkward and uncomfortable situation.

Keeping Your Groom Pleased

Starting to talk about prior relationships would be one of the most terrible things you could probably do. It may seem like common sense, however there are brides that do it, believe it or not! It may be that you would like to compare your new husband favorably, if he is like mine in any way then he won’t be pleased about it, especially as it is on one of the most important days of his life!

At all times it is important to talk favorably of the groom. Even though it might seem right to add a little teasing joke, on this occasion is not the appropriate setting for it. In my bride wedding speech I just stuck to what I knew my groom would like me to say, and it was a success!


You could have put a lot of time in preparing your speech however it could all go wrong by drinking too much alcohol. It has the capability to bring any person down which could make them say the most inappropriate things. On my wedding day I was wary of this so decided not to drink until I had given my speech. I’m really glad I did!

Some Extra Tips

Not planning ahead of time was one of the things that made the idea of bride speeches stressful to me. You have less control of what you’re going to say if you don’t plan ahead. Fortunately there are nowadays heaps of online sources if help is needed even for those who want a funny wedding speech that does not offend any person.

Last of all I would like to say, it won’t not go down well if you keep talking for too long, even if you are saying the right things. Rehearse your speech so that it does not take a few hours to deliver!

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